Each room needs the right floor to make the whole house cozy.

Just like the décor, every room in the home matches with a type of flooring. Particularities like moisture, temperature and comfort interfere in the choice and the challenge of leaving the house more and more cozy and coherent. Ask yourself some questions before this choice. Is the room very intimate? Is there a lot of people? What’s the climate in the region? The important thing is that the room should be practical, functional and beautiful.

Know the ideal floor for each room.

1 – Kitchen

In the kitchen, it’s important to choose for cold floor. The main factor to be taken into account is the durability and practicality in the use of equipment exclusively destined to the kitchen. Heavy-duty, non-porous, non-grease resistant floors are recommended. And if you want to give a more modern kitchen, choose for hardwood floors and cement floors. These options look more industrial and old-school and installed by professionals can be resistant to routine use of the kitchen.

2 – Living Room

In the living room, the ideal floor is the hardwood floor for its beauty and durability. It is still possible to choose between different models according to the style of your decoration. The hardwood floor is imposing and is present in most houses for bringing a very cozy, pleasant and very beautiful environment. You need to take into accont the weather in your area. For warmer regions, the natural stones can come with matte finish, which is quite elegant for a living room.

3 – WC

The bathroom is a damp room. Materials that work best with water such as marble, ceramics, porcelain and glass tablets are indicated. Non-slip floors are a good choice for this room, everything varies according to your need. Wood floors are also an option for the bathroom but require special attention due to maintenance and care in the installation in such a damp area. Choose materials with light, neutral or discreet textures to make the bathroom look cleaner and more discreet.

4 – Bedroom

The main function of the room is to relax you after a tiring and stressful day. So everything should be thought to be as cozy as possible. Laminate flooring and hardwood flooring are best suited for thermal comfort and durability. In addition, the floors should be easy to clean, if the room is for younger children, invest in rubber floors to ensure greater safety. The hardwood floors are also great to ensure a perfect decoration, as they do not interfere with the look and leave you free to leave your space with your personality.

5 – External Area

For the floor of the outer area it is necessary to keep in mind some issues. What is exposure to the sun? Should the floor be waterproof? Are there elderly or children in the house? Locations with pool combine with cement floors that are non-slip and do not absorb heat. Natural stones or wooden decks can also be used. Give preference to light floors because they heat less.

Now get to work, leave your home amazing with the right finish for each room.

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