Do it yourself. Decorate your home with these easy and cheap tips.

Sometimes we have an uncontrollable desire to want to change our home. And the decoration needs to be in tune with our personality, so change is so important, as we are in constant transformation. The living room, bedroom and kitchen are much more beautiful when they are creatively decorated. And doing it is not as difficult as it sounds. And a personalized decoration can be cheap, easy and made by you, giving that touch of originality and bringing comfort to all rooms.

1 – Analyze your room

It seems kind of obvious but sometimes we forget to measure the space available to apply the changes. And this is most important, given that the smaller the harder space find the items that fit. So you have taken steps to go shopping and everything works out. Using well the available space, guarantees the comfort, harmony and visual identity of the room, and besides, you have to give your personality touch regardless of the size of your room.

2 – Choose well the objects you already own and use them creatively.

No waste. Let’s enjoy everything we have before going shopping, this ensures savings and gives new functions to items you already have at home. And how about using them creatively? Before planning and shopping, choose beautiful bottles, pots, and crates to turn into beautiful decorations. And it’s always good to remember that these new items will be unique and will have your style.

You can turn glass bottles into jellyfish and give a new face to your home office. The crates can turn a coffee table into the living room, nightstand or wall niche, just know how to use them creatively.

3 – Reform your furniture.

Again, nothing to waste or throw things away. Reform your furniture with contact paper, stickers or a paint, this leaves the decoration cheaper and simpler.

Cover your furniture with smooth or stamped contact paper, everything will look new instantly. By using a sticker on your refrigerator you give the kitchen a unique look and a very easy to apply.

4 – Some things can be free

Yes, that’s right. How about recycling things that others throw away, or getting cool items to decorate your home by asking someone else? Crates are a very interesting example of this, since they are easy to find, inexpensive and sure enough you can turn them into an excellent decoration piece

In addition to wall niches and coffee table, the crates can become much larger furniture like: cabinets, vertical gardens, a good option to store your kitchen utensils, in short, a multitude of useful things and that only need you to Become reality. And people also throw a lot of valuable things in the trash, which can be really enjoyed by you. How about giving this force to your decoration and to the environment, recycling has always been in fashion.

What about a sofa made out of a pallet?

5 – Lamps

The lamps give a unique charm. With them you can transform what you would throw in the trash into art. You can use wine bottles, food cans and kitchen utensils. You will only need a pendant kit with cable and socket that is found in building material stores and are usually marketed in white and black colors that can easily fit your decor idea. See what style you like best and put it into practice.

6 – Flowers

The flowers deserve an exclusive session, since they give a special touch there in every room of the house. Flowers bring color, joy, freshness and the contact with nature leaves any place much more comfortable. Invest in the flowers, use vases, cans, cups, mugs, bowls, bottles and everything you think about. Invest in the flowers, the simplest and most delicate way to make your home beautiful and visually pleasing.

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