TIPS for decorate your bedroom

TIPS for decorate your bedroom

Your room can look amazing and with its personality. Now is the time to take advantage of all the space and make the room wonderful. Look at these tips that we have separated for you.

1. Enjoy the mirrors.

Using mirrors in the decor is very versatile. They are usually used to enlarge the space and improve the lighting. Its decorative function can also be harnessed with the use of frames. In order to use the mirrors in the decoration, it is necessary to pay attention to what will be reflected and what the measure of the room. To give amplitude to the room invest in larger pieces. Small mirrors can be used with decorative frames on the wall

2. Learn how to use colors.

Colors are very important to decorate a room, it is cool to use lighter colors, because the lighter, brighter the room. When the room is larger, it is natural to use much more decorative pieces. Take care that it is not visually polluted. Invest in soberer colors on the walls and your objects can create a game of colors.

3. Discover your style.

Your bedroom needs your personality, so bet on your style when it comes to decorating. The room is much more cozy and makes you much happier. Find out if you like the decor in a more industrial, fluffy, Nordic or classic style. After finding out which style suits you best, leave the look of your room as close as possible to some DIY tips. This way, you’ll be happy to stay in your room, and it also keeps you from buying everything, since you have a focus.

4. A hardwood floor is essential.

The bedroom needs to be cozy and for this it is really necessary to have a wooden floor with your favorite color. The wooden floor keeps the temperature of the room more pleasant and matches very well with almost all styles. The wood has its most rustic and natural aspect bringing a freshness and contact with nature.

5. Think about the details

The details are the most amazing part, it is in the details that your décor stands out.
You can put murals with pictures of your best friends, or paste posters about the trips you’ve made or want to make. In addition, you can also invest in chests, boxes, sheets, post-its and even create your own decorative pieces by recycling.

Now that you already have these super tips, it’s time to put your hand in the dough and leave your room with your personality. It is always good to remember that the bedroom is our home in the house.

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DIY – Easy and cheap decoration tips for your home

DIY – Easy and cheap decoration tips for your home

Do it yourself. Decorate your home with these easy and cheap tips.

Sometimes we have an uncontrollable desire to want to change our home. And the decoration needs to be in tune with our personality, so change is so important, as we are in constant transformation. The living room, bedroom and kitchen are much more beautiful when they are creatively decorated. And doing it is not as difficult as it sounds. And a personalized decoration can be cheap, easy and made by you, giving that touch of originality and bringing comfort to all rooms.

1 – Analyze your room

It seems kind of obvious but sometimes we forget to measure the space available to apply the changes. And this is most important, given that the smaller the harder space find the items that fit. So you have taken steps to go shopping and everything works out. Using well the available space, guarantees the comfort, harmony and visual identity of the room, and besides, you have to give your personality touch regardless of the size of your room.

2 – Choose well the objects you already own and use them creatively.

No waste. Let’s enjoy everything we have before going shopping, this ensures savings and gives new functions to items you already have at home. And how about using them creatively? Before planning and shopping, choose beautiful bottles, pots, and crates to turn into beautiful decorations. And it’s always good to remember that these new items will be unique and will have your style.

You can turn glass bottles into jellyfish and give a new face to your home office. The crates can turn a coffee table into the living room, nightstand or wall niche, just know how to use them creatively.

3 – Reform your furniture.

Again, nothing to waste or throw things away. Reform your furniture with contact paper, stickers or a paint, this leaves the decoration cheaper and simpler.

Cover your furniture with smooth or stamped contact paper, everything will look new instantly. By using a sticker on your refrigerator you give the kitchen a unique look and a very easy to apply.

4 – Some things can be free

Yes, that’s right. How about recycling things that others throw away, or getting cool items to decorate your home by asking someone else? Crates are a very interesting example of this, since they are easy to find, inexpensive and sure enough you can turn them into an excellent decoration piece

In addition to wall niches and coffee table, the crates can become much larger furniture like: cabinets, vertical gardens, a good option to store your kitchen utensils, in short, a multitude of useful things and that only need you to Become reality. And people also throw a lot of valuable things in the trash, which can be really enjoyed by you. How about giving this force to your decoration and to the environment, recycling has always been in fashion.

What about a sofa made out of a pallet?

5 – Lamps

The lamps give a unique charm. With them you can transform what you would throw in the trash into art. You can use wine bottles, food cans and kitchen utensils. You will only need a pendant kit with cable and socket that is found in building material stores and are usually marketed in white and black colors that can easily fit your decor idea. See what style you like best and put it into practice.

6 – Flowers

The flowers deserve an exclusive session, since they give a special touch there in every room of the house. Flowers bring color, joy, freshness and the contact with nature leaves any place much more comfortable. Invest in the flowers, use vases, cans, cups, mugs, bowls, bottles and everything you think about. Invest in the flowers, the simplest and most delicate way to make your home beautiful and visually pleasing.

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How to choose the right floor to each room

How to choose the right floor to each room

Each room needs the right floor to make the whole house cozy.

Just like the décor, every room in the home matches with a type of flooring. Particularities like moisture, temperature and comfort interfere in the choice and the challenge of leaving the house more and more cozy and coherent. Ask yourself some questions before this choice. Is the room very intimate? Is there a lot of people? What’s the climate in the region? The important thing is that the room should be practical, functional and beautiful.

Know the ideal floor for each room.

1 – Kitchen

In the kitchen, it’s important to choose for cold floor. The main factor to be taken into account is the durability and practicality in the use of equipment exclusively destined to the kitchen. Heavy-duty, non-porous, non-grease resistant floors are recommended. And if you want to give a more modern kitchen, choose for hardwood floors and cement floors. These options look more industrial and old-school and installed by professionals can be resistant to routine use of the kitchen.

2 – Living Room

In the living room, the ideal floor is the hardwood floor for its beauty and durability. It is still possible to choose between different models according to the style of your decoration. The hardwood floor is imposing and is present in most houses for bringing a very cozy, pleasant and very beautiful environment. You need to take into accont the weather in your area. For warmer regions, the natural stones can come with matte finish, which is quite elegant for a living room.

3 – WC

The bathroom is a damp room. Materials that work best with water such as marble, ceramics, porcelain and glass tablets are indicated. Non-slip floors are a good choice for this room, everything varies according to your need. Wood floors are also an option for the bathroom but require special attention due to maintenance and care in the installation in such a damp area. Choose materials with light, neutral or discreet textures to make the bathroom look cleaner and more discreet.

4 – Bedroom

The main function of the room is to relax you after a tiring and stressful day. So everything should be thought to be as cozy as possible. Laminate flooring and hardwood flooring are best suited for thermal comfort and durability. In addition, the floors should be easy to clean, if the room is for younger children, invest in rubber floors to ensure greater safety. The hardwood floors are also great to ensure a perfect decoration, as they do not interfere with the look and leave you free to leave your space with your personality.

5 – External Area

For the floor of the outer area it is necessary to keep in mind some issues. What is exposure to the sun? Should the floor be waterproof? Are there elderly or children in the house? Locations with pool combine with cement floors that are non-slip and do not absorb heat. Natural stones or wooden decks can also be used. Give preference to light floors because they heat less.

Now get to work, leave your home amazing with the right finish for each room.

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5 tips for keep your hardwood floor amazing

5 tips for keep your hardwood floor amazing

With some care, your hardwood floor lasts longer and looks beautiful.
Hardwood floor is a natural coating very recommended to use in your home. It brings warmth and contributes to an elegant décor. Many people don’t know how to care, clean and keep it.

1 – Understand it.

The hardwood floors are an organic material, its absorb moisture and may shrink according to the time of year. So pay attention to the installation, its necessary to leave a space between the floor and the wall, so that, in case of expansion, there is enough area for the floor to accommodate without suffering warpage. And it’s possible undergo changes in color due to the exchange of moisture with the air, even indoors.

2 – Cares

Some care you need to take in your home. Avoid contact with rainwater and protect your floor from sunlight, so it lasts longer. You can use products to waterproof the external area of ​​your floor, but it is important to take care of the subfloor since it is because of it that the wood can come into contact with the humid soil.

3 – Cleaning

The cleaning with water is indicated just once a week. When you use this method of cleaning, don’t use a very much water, use only a damp cloth. On the other days, the ideal is to use the vacuum cleaner without letting the suction tube touch the coating. Never use abrasive products, they stain the floor. And for deeper cleaning always count on the help of a professional.

4 – Polishing

Finishing with varnish is most effective due to its high durability. When maintaining the floor, you prefer to finish it with varnish, this facilitates a lot of daily cleaning and leaves a floor with perfect brightness and action, avoiding to the maximum the use of wax that leaves repeated with each application.

5 – Sand and refinishing

When the floor is already full of stains or scraps of wax, the ideal is to do the sanding and refinishing it again. Always count on professionals for this procedure, since a good job stays for longer and leaves the aspect of the environment much better.

A hardwood floor can be sanded for up to 3 times and after the procedure your floor looks like new. Always pay attention to the quality of the products and the work of the professional you hire, since these two aspects are vital for an incredible floor.

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