With some care, your hardwood floor lasts longer and looks beautiful.
Hardwood floor is a natural coating very recommended to use in your home. It brings warmth and contributes to an elegant décor. Many people don’t know how to care, clean and keep it.

1 – Understand it.

The hardwood floors are an organic material, its absorb moisture and may shrink according to the time of year. So pay attention to the installation, its necessary to leave a space between the floor and the wall, so that, in case of expansion, there is enough area for the floor to accommodate without suffering warpage. And it’s possible undergo changes in color due to the exchange of moisture with the air, even indoors.

2 – Cares

Some care you need to take in your home. Avoid contact with rainwater and protect your floor from sunlight, so it lasts longer. You can use products to waterproof the external area of ​​your floor, but it is important to take care of the subfloor since it is because of it that the wood can come into contact with the humid soil.

3 – Cleaning

The cleaning with water is indicated just once a week. When you use this method of cleaning, don’t use a very much water, use only a damp cloth. On the other days, the ideal is to use the vacuum cleaner without letting the suction tube touch the coating. Never use abrasive products, they stain the floor. And for deeper cleaning always count on the help of a professional.

4 – Polishing

Finishing with varnish is most effective due to its high durability. When maintaining the floor, you prefer to finish it with varnish, this facilitates a lot of daily cleaning and leaves a floor with perfect brightness and action, avoiding to the maximum the use of wax that leaves repeated with each application.

5 – Sand and refinishing

When the floor is already full of stains or scraps of wax, the ideal is to do the sanding and refinishing it again. Always count on professionals for this procedure, since a good job stays for longer and leaves the aspect of the environment much better.

A hardwood floor can be sanded for up to 3 times and after the procedure your floor looks like new. Always pay attention to the quality of the products and the work of the professional you hire, since these two aspects are vital for an incredible floor.

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